Ultimate Holiday Gift Bundle

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Bundle is appropriately named as it is the "Ultimate" Holiday Gift Bundle. This gift bundle contains everything from (2) 12oz bags of holiday coffee, (2) bags of loose leaf tea, (1) small mesh tea ball, and (1) 12oz bag of Mike & Jen's Cocoa Mix®.

  • 12oz Mistletoe - Balanced with fine notes of Central & South American coffees.
  • 12oz Grinches Brew - A blend of dark and full-city roast coffees... with a kick!
  • 4oz Assam - Classic Black Tea with a smooth, deep, malty taste.
  • 4oz Rooibos - South African Tea with a soft, sweet, & slightly vanilla flavor.
  • Small Mesh Tea Ball
  • Mike & Jen's Cocoa Mix® - 12oz bag of small-batched cocoa mix. Made with 5 simple ingredients and Gluten Free.

Mike & Jen's Cocoa Mix® is a registered trademark of Mike & Jen's Cocoa Mix