Fundraising with Backroads Coffee

 All of us at Backroads Coffee understands what it means to work together, build each other up, and be community strong.  If you are looking to raise funds for your group, organization, class, team, non-profit, etc, then Backroads Coffee can help you meet those goals. 

We see many products offered in fundraising campaigns from candy, popcorn, breakfast pizzas, and cookies (to name a few), but have you ever thought of specialty coffee?

Offering your friends and family throughout the community specialty coffee is a great way to raise money and meet your financial goals. Coffee is a widely consumed product (60% of Americans drink coffee), so why not offer your supporters something you know they will enjoy.


Who can benefit from our Fundraising Program?

Backroads Coffee has worked with many different types of organizations, classes, non-profits, and groups to help raise funds and meet financial goals. Whether you are a youth sports team looking to raise funds for equipment, or a church group raising funds for a trip, or a non-profit looking to raise funds to further support the local community, our Fundraising Program has been successful in helping groups meet fundraising goals while providing a product that their supporters love.


What products are available in the Backroads Coffee Fundraiser?

The Backroads Coffee Fundraiser offers five (5) small-batch roasted specialty coffees, as well as, hot cocoa (for non-coffee drinkers)

  • House Blend (mild blend)
  • Backroads Blend (medium blend)
  • French Roast (dark roast)
  • Highlander Grog (flavored)
  • Custom Name Blend (medium blend) - there are character limits on the name
  • Hot Cocoa


How does the Backroads Coffee Fundraiser work?

Backroads Coffee offers a very simple, classic, and easy to implement Fundraising Program. Participants from your group use our fundraiser ordering brochures to sell specialty coffees and hot cocoa to family, friends, and the local community bringing in big profits for your cause.

Getting started is easy:

  • Let us know how many participants you have and we will supply the ordering brochures.
  • Distribute the forms to your participants and let the fundraising begin!
  • Collect order forms and payments from participants (payments are made directly to your organization)
  • Tally the orders into our master order form and send to Backroads Coffee along with payment for the coffee and cocoa... you keep the rest!
  • Backroads Coffee will roast and pack all coffees and cocoa (to order) and ship to you for distribution.


Ready to start raising money?

If you are interested in our Fundraising Program click the link below and complete the fundraising request form. Once submitted, one of our amazing team members will follow up.

Fundraising Request Form

Thank you so much for your interest; and we look forward to helping you meet and achieve your fundraising goals!