Testimonials of Backroads Coffee

My dad had some of your coffee at a pastor's conference and loved it! His father's day gift this year is 4 pounds of Highlander Grogg (the fav in our house). I ordered it yesterday and was extremely surprised to see it on my desk today! Great job guys and thanks a ton :)          ~E.P.

One of the great things about waking up in Bahrain is knowing that I can enjoy a cup of coffee. All thanks to you shipping a pound of coffee to me through your coffee of the month club. I can not explain how much I love being able to taste such goodness in a place like this. Being in the Navy has allowed me to live in great places throughout the world, but I must say Bahrain is not a great place to live. The weather alone makes one not want to go outside during the day. Plus, they do not have good coffee anywhere, not even on the Naval base! They only have Starbucks, which I personally find unappealing. So, when I heard that you were doing a coffee of the month club I got excited and signed up immediately. What a difference a good cup of brew can make on days when I do not feel like going to work. Thank you again for having your coffee available to all! Plus, I wanted to share how much I enjoy visiting your place when I see my mom, who still lives in Hayward ... you have the cutest place! You really have done wonders to the new place and it is quite cozy. I also love your lunch menu with all those great sandwiches. I wish you the best of luck with your business. It sure has brought a smile to my face.
Excellent customer service. Willingness to learn about shipping to FPO/APO addresses.

On our first trip to Hayward we planned to visit the Hayward Mercantile. At that time it was across the street from the Backroads. Being a huge coffee shop fan we stopped it. Well...we've been back there many times. I've since taken my sister there while on vacation as well as three different trips with friends. Everyone has loved the Backroads. The specialty coffees are always delicious and the wraps are great. I go as far as to plan my vacation around a visit to the Backroads. The place is warm and inviting.

My family and I were passing through the Hayward area in desperate need for a good “cup of joe.” Fortunately after finding out about Backroads we were able to ditch our gas station coffee for a coffee that far exceeded our hometown's coffee shop. The customer service was absolutely amazing if you want a smile put on your face the girls in that shop can do it! During our stay in Hayward and multiple trips into the shop, whenever we walked though the door we were greeted with a smile. The girls in the shop seem to really love their jobs and have fun while doing so! Nothing could have improved my Backroads experience … except the fact that I can't wait to pass through Hayward again!

“We are so proud to serve Backroads Coffee in our coffeehouse. Our customers have commented on the quality of our coffee, specifically how fresh and 'not burned' it tastes. They are absolutely addicted to it! One of our customers orders a pound of coffee a month, and when he arrives home with it, his wife grabs it out of his hand and runs for the coffeemaker! He says he hasn't had coffee this great since he lived in South America. Summer tourists come in to "stock up" before they go back home for the winter. We feel Backroads Coffee is the best, which is why we serve it in our coffeehouse.”
If there is an award for personalized customer service, then Rod, Teresa, Jon and Josh have certainly earned it! We are so blessed to work with them, specifically Teresa, as she was a tremendous help to us when we opened our coffeehouse. Each member of the Backroads team is exceptional! They treat us like family. Thank you, we appreciate each of you.

“Backroads Coffee is a locally produced product that I feel is of the highest quality. The atmosphere of the retail shop is extremely warm and inviting as well as providing for a few laughs and plenty of smiles. Always helps to cheer you up! Backroads is so far doing a great job meeting my needs. I love their product as well as their staff and I really take pride in watching a great company like theirs grow!”

“We decided to go with Backroads because we were looking for a local roaster, and we heard many good things about them. We visited their coffee shop in the past, and enjoyed the roasts. The service Backroads provides is unbeatable; very friendly and accommodating . I truly believe they will do all they can to help my business succeed. My favorite thing about Backroads, is that I can call them in the morning and they can usually get me super fresh roasted organic beans within hours.”

“It is the best coffee that i have ever tasted...you cannot find friendlier people anywhere else in North America.”

“My family has enjoyed Backroads Coffee for many years. We've tried many other coffees through the years, but always come back to Backroads, especially their tasty selection of dark roasts, French and Italian. The best around!”