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Backroads CoffeeHand-crafted, Gourmet Roasting, that's the Backroads way. We boast a tradition of quality and service befitting our Mission and Vision: To provide the highest quality coffee at a fair price. Since 1987, we've been perfecting our artisan roasting methods to bring you the finest, freshest premium coffee. We begin by using only 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are universally considered the world's finest. We also sample or "cup" coffee from every bag of beans we purchase. By roasting our coffee in small batches, and by cupping again, we further ensure consistency and quality.

When you place your order, we roast, pack, and ship your coffee that day. This means with every purchase you get the same premium product and your coffee measures up to our highest standards for freshness and taste.

Leave the art of coffee roasting to the experts. Remember, all the best brewed coffees come from the Backroads of northern Wisconsin! Contact us today at 800-634-4951!

Backroads CoffeeAt Backroads we know that choosing a coffee roaster can be a daunting task simply because of all the choices available. Your roaster, after all, will be crucial to the level of success you experience in your business. We'll partner with you and use our expertise to help you grow your business, and we'll work with you, at your place or ours, to develop your business plan.

Fresh, smooth, and high-quality are trademarks for the nearly 200 gourmet, specialty-grade coffees we roast on a daily basis, such as our Shade Grown/Fair Trade, Organic, Single Origin, Blends, Dark Roasts, Flavored, and Decaf coffee varieties. Want your own custom roasted blend or coffee signature? We can do that. Also, private label your coffee to further personalize your product!

By working with the experts at Backroads Coffee you will be guaranteed of a commitment to the growth of your business. The results will be a solid, high-quality retail business that shows attention to customer needs and provides the best in fresh, specialty coffee. Your success means our success!

Stay in comfort and enjoy your coffee too! Yes, you can have both at your lodge, resort, motel/hotel, and bed & breakfast. Provide your guests with only the best quality coffee from Backroads and they'll not only remember the great fishing, boating, or stylish bed sheets, but also the coffee they enjoyed at your establishment.

Backroads CoffeeWe offer .75 oz. filter pack and 1.5 oz. foil pack coffees that can be conveniently provided in-room or sold in your office. Our 12 oz. copper retail bags can be sold in your gift or dry goods store, and our 5 LB. bulk coffees are perfect for your on-site restaurant, cafe, or dining facility. Finally, we offer customized, personalized labeling that can put your lodging face or name on the coffee bag. Either way, let your guests know that you're an expert in coffee as well as hospitality!

Raising money for a cause or event can be challenging, however we have the perfect program for you at Backroads Coffee! Whether it's our 12 oz. copper valve bags or our 1.5 oz. "perfect pot" foil packs, providing our coffee in your fundraiser guarantees earnings on each bag sold. Add in the choice of customizing each bag of coffee with your own variety name and even label, our premium, fresh roasted coffee will be a winner for your fundraiser!

We'll provide you the order forms and all the knowledge you need about our premium coffee — you make the sale, keep your earnings, send in the forms, and we'll roast, pack, and ship you great tasting coffee within 7-10 days! It's that easy — and profitable for you!

Backroads CoffeeAre your employees complaining about how bad your office coffee is? Does your coffee make you wish for something … different? If you want a better tasting, higher quality coffee in your place of business, upgrade your weak office coffee product with fresh roasted Backroads Coffee! Coffee is one the first things you'll taste as your day begins and one of the last as the day ends, so why not drink something more memorable and be sure to awake your senses!

Backroads Coffee can supply convenient 1.5 oz. foil packs — good for one 10 to 12 cup coffee pot — of multiple varieties of our 100% Arabica coffee, or 5 LB. bulk orders for the serious coffee drinkers. Backroads has the perfect pot of coffee just waiting for you!

If you're a public arts institution, church, hospital or clinic, charitable organization, or any other non-profit group, and are looking for ways to generate income through fundraisers, selling coffee or other merchandise, or simply looking to provide your staff, volunteers, or members with great tasting coffee, Backroads has what you need!

We can help develop a plan to incorporate our coffee and tea products into your activities. We have programs that can supply a variety of coffee packaging for fundraisers or gifting opportunities, such as coffee gift baskets or samplers for you to retail, or we can customize other merchandise items you may have. We can also provide bulk coffee for large gatherings and fellowship, with our convenient and fast 96 oz. Joe-to-Go coffee boxes for your special event!

Backroads CoffeeIf you're thinking about opening a retail coffee shop or looking to get an honest, experienced opinion on your existing establishment, we can help! Our nearly 25 years of retail store experience can provide you with valuable insight into what it takes to develop a prospering storefront.

Backroads Coffee is uniquely suited to help provide fresh, high-quality coffee and food to your banquet or catering event! Whether it's supplying bulk coffee — either ground or whole bean — or convenient 96 oz. Joe-to-Go coffee boxes, scrumptious and always fresh pastries, or our delicious and healthy wraps, sandwiches, and salads through our retail coffee store, we can assist you with large group food and coffee orders.

Backroads Coffee works with large food & beverage distributors throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota to deliver the highest quality, freshest coffee to your restaurant, hotel, church, or office. Ask your distributor for Backroads Coffee today!